Dana Cooperative

The Dana Cooperative is a community based organisation in rural, southern Jordan. There are over 100 Bedouin families within the Cooperative.

It was formed by the young people of Dana and Qadisiyah villages in 1994, shortly after the creation of the Dana Nature Reserve in what was the local community’s customary land.

Dana Cooperative works to protect the community’s cultural and natural heritage.

Dana cooperative logo
Dana Cooperative’s logo

It aims to preserve the community’s distinctive qualities while supporting sustainable development, including eco-tourism.

Its focus is the preservation of Dana village (a 15th century, Ottoman village), community development, and the empowerment of local women and young people.

The Cooperative networks within Jordan and internationally. 

It is a member of the World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous People (WAMIP); HIC-MENA (Housing and Land Rights Network Middle East and North Africa); the International Land Coalition (ILC); the ICCA Consortium.

It is part of the Arab Pastoralist Communities Network, and is a member of AREMDT (the regional network for responsible and solidarity tourism in the Mediterranean area).

Visit Dana Cooperative’s Facebook page

Dana Cooperative is also known as the Dana and Qadisiyah Local Community Cooperative.

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