Hammamat Afra (حمامات عفرا)

Afra Hot Springs, also known as Hammamat Afra or حمامات عفرا, is a traditional Jordanian hammamat. It is well known in Jordan for its thermal, therapeutic waters. The Hammamat rests deep in a wadi (valley) in the mountains of Al-Tafilah Governorate. It is 300m above sea level.

The Dana Cooperative took over the management of the Hammamat in December 2021. It is working to improve the onsite facilities, and provides job opportunities and work experiences for local people.

There are outdoor pools for men, and a separate enclosed bathing area for women. The sauna is used by men every ‘even’ hour, and by women every ‘odd’ hour.

Non Jordanian visitors are welcome. Please do respect and follow the local custom of separate bathing for men and women, and modest bathing clothes.

The Hammamat site is open from early morning to late at night.

The current daily entrance fee for non-Jordanians is 7.5 JOD per person. Guests staying at Afra Hot Springs Chalets can enjoy a 30% discount on the entrance fee. Entry to the Hammamat site provides access to the hot spring baths, sauna, picnic areas, shaded areas, and a shop (selling soft drinks, water, crisps etc.).

Location: The Hammamat is in Al-Tafilah Governorate. It is approximately 160 km from Amman (2.5 hours by car); 60 km from the Dana Nature Reserve (1.25 hours by car); 113 km from Petra (2 hours by car) and 130 km from the Dead Sea (2 hours by car).

Directions: There is an error in Google Maps’ directions. Use the directions below to avoid the error, and please follow them precisely. Travel first to this point https://maps.app.goo.gl/JxzTMBpipEbws1BS6 When you arrive at the above junction point, travel to the exact location using  https://maps.app.goo.gl/a6SU3MQT8z1VMoFd7

Visit Hammamat Afra’s Facebook Page

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