Supporting Sustainable Tourism in Afra

The Dana Cooperative has expanded its sustainable tourism projects to Afra Hot Springs (about 60 km from Dana). It is operating the Hammamat Afra (حمامات عفرا), and the Afra Hot Springs Chalets. Both under the directive of the Ministry of Tourism.

This is a new path for the Cooperative. It is the first time that it has taken over pre-existing tourism ventures, and the first time it has operated outside of Dana.  

These new opportunities allow the Cooperative to provide additional direct and indirect employment for local people. The Cooperative is working also to improve the onsite facilities. Using the Hammamat is woven into local life and culture, and improvements made will impact positively on the community in general.

As a visitor to the Hammamat or guest at the Chalets, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are directly helping local communities. It is a two-way street because in return, locals will share an authentic Jordanian experience with you.