Supporting Sustainable Tourism

Dana Hotel and Wadi Dana Lodge are part of the Dana Cooperative – a local community cooperative comprising more than 100 Bedouin families.

Dana Hotel was the first community run hotel in Jordan, and Wadi Dana Lodge opened in 2021.

Stay at these establishments and you will help local residents foster community owned, sustainable development through tourism. This impacts positively on the whole community and not just those working in tourism.

The day to day running of these establishments and the extra services offered to tourists, for example local guides, provides paid work for locals and voluntary work experience too. In addition, profits go back to the local community.

All of the above, enables Dana Cooperative’s community development and empowerment programmes, and educates a wider international audience to the community’s loss of land rights.

As a guest, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the local community. It is a two-way street because in return, the people of Dana will share their natural heritage with you.

I promise that you will leave with a little bit of Dana in your heart.
I promise that you will go home with a little bit of Dana in your heart.

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